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The idea for this website came to me after a four week stay in Tomsk, Siberia.   I have many friends who travel to interesting and out of the way places and send back blogs, photos and comments on their visits.  Rather than emailing round-robins, I thought it would be fun to gather all the accounts in one place and share our experiences that way.  As well as straight forward travel blogs, it would be useful to add those small details that can add colour and flavour to prospective visitors and also any hints and comments that would help plan a trip or cope with difficulties ‘on the ground’.

The wonderful, patient Doug Blane is going to help me administer the site.  Doug is not just a very experienced adventure photographer and blogger ( but  brilliant website creator and administrator.

So here goes – I hope you enjoy our travel experiences.

Happy and safe travelling and – don’t forget your passport!


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